Scientific Programme – Overview

We are delighted to bring you an outstanding scientific programme for the BNA2015 Festival of Neuroscience which has been compiled by the Programme Committee. There will be over 250 UK and international speakers who will speak on cutting-edge topics across eight neuroscience research themes. The programme details are provided below.

Programme at a glance – please note that the details are subject to change.

  1. Ten plenary and public lectures by a group of world-class neuroscientists,
  2. Eight Special Events including lectures and workshops
  3. Fifty two-hour Symposia organised into eight parallel sessions, each consisting of four speakers,
  4. Over seven hundred posters in three poster sessions

BNA 50th Anniversary Lecture

Professor John O’Keefe, University College London, London, UK
- Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine, 2014 -
The Journey to the Hippocampal Cognitive Map

Plenary Lectures

  1. Professor Dame Kay Davies, University of Oxford, UK:
    Links between psychiatric disorders and abnormal circadian rhythms
  2. Professor Annette C Dolphin, University College London, UK:
    Neuronal voltage-gated calcium channels: from channel trafficking to therapy for neuropathic pain
  3. Professor Thomas M Jessell, Columbia University, USA:
    Strategies and circuits for motor control
  4. Professor Richard G M Morris, University of Edinburgh, UK:
    The making, keeping and losing of memory
  5. Professor Giacomo Rizzolatti, University of Parma, Italy:
    Understanding others: a neural mechanism
  6. Professor Susumu Tonegawa, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA:
    - Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine, 1987 -
    Memory engram cells have come of age
  7. Professor Lorraine Tyler, University of Cambridge, UK:
    From perception to conception: the evolution of meaning along the ventral stream

Symposia are organised into eight parallel sessions. Please click the links below to see symposia titles listed by theme. Then click symposia titles to see symposia details (synopsis, chair, lecture title and speaker details). Alternatively, please use the search box on the left to identify sessions of interest.

  1. Development
  2. Molecular, Cellular and Synaptic Mechanisms
  3. Sensory and Motor Systems
  4. Learning, Memory and Cognition
  5. Sleep, Circadian and Neuroendocrine Mechanisms
  6. Nervous System Disorders
  7. Methods and Techniques

Special Events
A series of Special Events have been planned as a new feature of BNA biennial meetings. This set of events differs from plenary lectures and symposia in terms of form and content, and most focus on issues that are of broad interest, and also incorporate Workshops. They include events that focus on career development, publishing and funding.

  1. Public Lecture: “The search for consciousness” (Dr. Adrian Owen, Western University, Canada) in association with the Edinburgh International Science Festival
  2. Public Lecture: “How Scotland can use neuroscience to lead the world in drugs and alcohol policy” (Professor David Nutt, Imperial College London, UK) in association with the Edinburgh International Science Festival
  3. Special Lecture: “Where did all the women go? Aspirations for senior neuroscience leaders” (Professor Jackie Hunter, Chief Executive of BBSRC and BNA Patron)
  4. Open Access: Panel Debate (chaired by Dr. Philip Campbell, Editor-in-Chief, Nature)
  5. The Human Brain Project: Relevance to UK Neuroscience
  6. Workshop: Challenges and progress from the first calls of the EU Innovative Medicines Initiative
  7. Workshop: Effective Grantsmanship and Funding Opportunities
  8. Workshop: Fat and stressed out, always late, but still in love: A workshop in neuroendocrinology
  9. Workshop: Neuroimaging analysis methods
  10. Drugs, Addiction and Freewill: Do Addicted Individuals Have Free Will?

Abstracts and Posters
Abstract submission has now closed. There will be a poster session on each of the following days: Sunday 12th, Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th April.


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Please spread the word to colleagues within and around your institutions, we don’t want anybody to miss out!

The BNA team

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